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Waun Y Llyn Country Park

There’s no other walk I can think of which has such spectacular views without any effort. There’s no trudging up big hills beckoning the children on with promises of an amazing view that they probably don’t care for. Nope, here you can walk a couple of minutes from the car park and be met with wall to wall views. I know I say it all the time, but I really really love this walk!!

If you like single track roads then this is the place for you! Whichever way you access it you’ll be driving up and up a long single track road, but you don’t exactly get much traffic round here so if you’re lucky you’ll only have to negotiate with oncoming drivers once or twice. Anyway, I quite like places with trickier access, it makes them feel more isolated and special. When you arrive you’ll find a medium sized free car park which is easy to miss from the road, although that said, there is a small brown sign, it’s just that I could win an award for worlds most unobservant person so I always drive past it and have to reverse.

The path starts by the information board on the edge of the car park. Walk up from here, through the kissing gate and stay on the main path until you come to a stone orientation table. From here the views are expanse and the compass plate on top shows you the places of interest which can be seen from far and wide.

There’s no right or wrongs about where to walk and as most of the park is heathland wherever you are you can always roughly see the starting point meaning you can’t easily get lost. We normally take the path off to the left (from the path you came up on from the car park) and roughly follow it round in a circular motion.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries this whole area was quarried for its sandstone and transported on tram ways down to neighboring Coed Talon. As you turn left you’ll see the remains of one of the quarries below you (watch little ones as there is a bit of a drop), bigger kids will love bouldering the rocks here, we always spend a long time climbing and playing hide and seek, it’s a lovely little nook to spend half an hour in.

From here we walk along the path (with the quarry behind us on our right) admiring the views over to the Clywdyian range.

If you keep following this straight ahead, you’ll then come to another designated view point with views towards the Dee Estuary and Liverpool. You can also see the runway of Harwarden Airport, I’ve never yet seen a plane land there but it would be good fun to watch if you’re lucky enough to time it right.

The path then dips down and veers right so you’re roughly walking back in the direction of the starting point. After a while you’ll come to a boggy lake which the children enjoyed poking sticks in. You can choose to carry on this path with the lake on your right, however there’re often cows grazing in this area and such is my paranoia about being attacked by one we normally back track a bit and cut across to the path on the other side of the lake and back to the orientation table!

As I say there’s no prescriptive way to do this walk, you can’t go wrong, just go, have a wonder, take a picnic and soak in those views.


April 2020