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Talacre beach is a large expanse of sand on the northernmost point of Wales where the Dee Estuary meets the Irish sea. Backed by sand dunes and with a scenic old lighthouse (reputed to be haunted!) it makes a great beach destination. Although popular, it’s large enough not to feel busy so the kids can have a real run around.

One thing I’ve realised in recent years is that I’ve spent a lifetime pronouncing it wrong, it’s not Tal-ac-er, its Tal-ac-re (ie as its written!). Is it just me or does anyone else call it that?!

Anyway I digress….moving onto parking - I’ve heard some horror stories about cars being flooded by the advancing tide waters at Talacre Beach car park, so even though it’s free to park there, we always park at the car park behind the Point Bar & Restaurant, only a couple of minutes walk from the beach one. It’s £3 all day and you have to go and pay in either the adjacent Lola & Suggs cafe or the Point Bar. The Sat Nav link on the Info bar will take you to this car park. There’s also the overflow Gamfa Wen Car Park for busy days.

The easiest (and flattest) route to the beach is to walk straight up the path which runs alongside Talacre Beach car park (you can see on the below picture how flooded it can get!).

Or here it is in happier times!

However we always take the left hand path off the main path (by the pond) which heads into and over the dunes towards the lighthouse part of the beach where we set up camp.

I normally Google the tide times and try and time it nearer high tide as it’s a fair walk to the shore otherwise. But that said even in low tide there’s still lots of large pools of water left behind especially around the lighthouse which they can play in, so it’s not that important.

The sand dunes are a massive draw for the kids. I do love a beach with dunes as it just means there’s something extra to do once they’re bored with sandcastles and paddling. I mean, is there anything more fun than running up and down one?! My thighs don’t know what hit them when we visit Talacre!

Yes this really is as big as it looks!!

They also love the Point of Ayr lighthouse which keeps a scenic watch over the beach. It isn’t open to the public but you can walk around the base of it and well, it looks pretty in your photos!

Station Road which is the main road in Talacre (and where the two car parks are) is where you’ll find all the eateries and shops. The Clwyd Bakery does great sandwiches, pies and Welsh Oggies (a bit like pasties), so if you want a picnic without having to make one then a stop here on route to the beach is a good idea. There’s also a fish and chip shop (The Battered Fish) and for a sit down meal The Point Bar & Restaurant, neither of which I’ve tried but the reviews seem good. Lola & Suggs at the top of the road nearest the beach sell Cheshire Farm Ice Cream and there’s also the independant Scoopies Ice Cream.

Out of all the beaches under an hours drive away from Cheshire this is my top pick! Hope enjoy it too!


February 2020
Public ones on Station Road
Clwyd Bakeries, The Point Bar and Restaurant, Lola and Suggs, Scoopies Ice Cream, The Battered Fish