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Moel Famau (Offa's Dyke)

Although the vast majority of my content is aimed at doing activities as a family, sometimes I think it’s good to share walks that are better suited to doing with older kids or a group of friends, and this (just short of) 6 mile walk is one of them! It’s the back way up to Moel Famau on a much lesser used route, so you won’t see even half the people you do on the usual track to the top.

It starts at Moel Arthur and follows the Offa’s Dyke Path all the way up to Moel Famau’s Jubilee Tower. It’s very undulating so your knees won’t thank you for it, but I promise it’s worth it, the views are spectacular! I’ve done it with 2 lots of friends now and we’ve all had a brilliant time together, a tough walk together is a good bonding experience!!

As always, the Sat Nav link on the Info Bar will take you directly to Moel Arthur car park (free), it’s only small but not popular, so you should hopefully be able to park without a problem.

On the opposite side of the car park you’ll see your first big climb, yes there’s no warming up here, you’re straight into it! Cross over the road and go through the kissing gate (ignore the stile next to it) and turn immediately left to go uphill (following the stone wall on your left hand side).

At the top of this first hill (there’s lots more I’m afraid) look down at the car park and the perfect mound of Moel Arthur and see how far you’ve climbed in such a short space of time!

From here, essentially all the way up to Moel Famau you just need to follow the Offa’s Dyke signs as shown below, it’s actually super easy, so you don’t really need step by step instructions from me. Just look for either the little acorn and/or signposts for the Jubilee Tower and I promise you can’t get lost! The other good thing is that because it’s so open it’s really easy to see the Jubilee Tower which is where you’re headed for.

The path weaves up and down over the heathlands showing off picture perfect views over the Vale of Clwyd.

The only place you might be a bit unsure of the way is when you come to the mother of all climbs - the final one which leads up to Jubilee Tower. There are 2 paths as pictured here.

Take the left hand path (on your way back down from the top of Moel Famau you’ll be directed back down on the other path). Even if you forget this step and take the right path it really doesn’t matter, you’ll end up in the same place!

Eventually after a lot of climbing you’ll see Jubilee Tower peak over the brink of the hill.

If you’re as unfit as me you’ll probably feel like doing this!

Built in 1810 to commemorate the golden jubilee of Mad King George III, it was designed by Thomas Harrison (who built many famous landmarks in Chester) and over the years has seen much deterioration and repairs. It is of course quite a North Wales landmark nowadays and you can spot this little tower from miles around.

Climb up to the top to see the full 360 panorama (and a sit down!). There are lots of information plaques to show you what you’re looking at.

For the return journey, once again, just follow the Offa’s Dyke signs. The good news is there’s an awful lot of downhill coming your way! But my word you’ll be glad when you spot the car park and you know it’s over!!


March 2022
9.33km (took about 3.5 hrs)