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Little Budworth Country Park

If you’re after a really easy flat walk for the kids and dog then Little Budworth Country Park is a great option. This is a 2.8km circular walk through woodland and open heath, without kids in tow it takes about 45 minutes to walk, but there are lots of dens and playing to be had so allow up to 2 hours if you’re with the kids.

Parking is free in the small car park at the start of the walk (as always click on the Sat Nav link in the Info Bar to take you straight there). There’s a free toilet block in the car park although it seems to be open a bit sporadically so you may or may not be lucky to find it open!

The walk starts from the car park, by the information boards here.

There is a designated route you can follow by looking for the purple arrows, however it’s not always clear so I’ve still given the walking instructions just in case, although to be honest if you do wander off then it’s small enough to work out where you roughly need to be.

Straight away you’ll see a wooden sculpture round to the right, of which there are a few to spot as you walk around. Note, it doesn’t matter which path you take here, they merge behind the sculpture.

Follow the path all the way down through the woodland, passing through a wooden gate.

At this next junction, go straight ahead.

There’s a great play area on your left where people have built lots of dens so this is probably the best place to stop for a while and let them play.

Continuing on you’ll get to this junction where again, you go straight ahead.

At this junction bear right following the purple sign.

After about 70 metres you’ll come to this junction where you turn right. As you start walking down you’ll see the purple sign on this path.

This will bring you down to a small pond.

Follow the path round the side of the pond to the left and up this flight of stairs.

Keep following it straight up, taking a left turn towards the top.

When you get to this gate, go through and turn left onto the road.

Cross over this main road - be careful, the cars do shoot past here.

Walk straight for about 120 metres and at this sign post (Smithy Lane) turn left.

It’s pretty much a straight walk from here back to the car park, just keep following those purple signs and ignore all paths going off the main path and keep going straight!

There are some more open bits a bit further on and also another wooden sculpture.

At the end of the path, cross back over the main road and the car park is straight ahead.


March 2022