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Coed Llangwyfan

Coed Llangwyfan is part of the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Clywdian hills stretch from Prestatyn in the North to the lovely LLangollen in the South. You’ll be familiar with many of the places in the AONB such as Moel Famau, Ty Mawr, Loggerheads but might not haven’t ventured here.

The first half of this walk I really loved although the return leg I was less keen on, but that’s probably because it had started to rain so nobody was particularly happy, especially my poor back as I carried our youngest all the way back to the car! But that said, its a nice easy family friendly walk and one you’ll see few people on.

Coed Llangwyfan is a 29 acre woodland which clings to the slopes leading up to Pen-y-Cloddiau hill fort and this circular walk is one you can definitely take an AT pushchair on as all 3km of it are on a well trodden path. You can find a map of the walk here so I won’t bore you with my usual directions!

Driving to the car park involves navigating single track roads so do take it easy, my parents were convinced the sat nav was wrong (they can’t be trusted apparently) but persevere and you’ll find a smallish car park which doesn’t get filled up easily and there are no parking fees.

There are also two other walks which start from here - Penycloddiau Hill fort and Moel Arthur Hill fort so do check you’re on the right path when you set off else you’ll be in for more of a hike than you bargained for! Those walks are on my list so hopefully you’ll hear more on those in the future! If you do want more of an adventure you can find details on those walks in the above linked leaflet.

Follow the path from the car park and as you come out of the initial wooded parts of the path you’ll have lovely views across to the Vale of Clwyd (regular readers will have guessed by now that I like a walk with a view!).

The path then descends slightly with tall pine trees lining the way. This was my favorite bit on the walk, I felt like I was in in the Alps, it really was beautiful.

At the end of this path you’ll come to a crossroads in the pathway, take the left path which then begins the return journey of the walk.

The return path then loops back tracing its way uphill through woodland back to the car park. As I said, with tired little legs and bad weather it seemed to go on forever but it’s really not that bad! All in all, a nice simple walk everyone will enjoy.


February 2020