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Bunbury Park

I’ll stick my neck out and say this is my favourite playground in Cheshire. It may not have all the attractions of the bigger parks but as playgrounds go it’s a winner.

The car park is easy to miss, from Bunbury Lane, turn into Hurst Close, look for the little ‘P’ sign, follow the road round and you’ll get to the car park. The Sat Nav link on here will take you to the turning for Hurst Close. It gets busy at the weekend, especially if there’s a football match on but worst case you can park somewhere in the village.

As you enter the park you’ll come onto the large playing field, which has a cycle/running path along the full perimeter so definitely bring their bikes and scooters as they’ll have great fun riding round it and from the playground you can see the whole track so it’s easy to keep an eye on them. There are goalposts on the field too so bring a football if you want a kick around. Bunbury tennis club also have their tennis courts here, although I don’t think members of the public are able to hire the courts.

The park was created in 2016 so all the playground equipment still looks really new and everything is made from wood. As with all good parks there’s something for all ages. For younger children there are swings, a tractor, a large play frame, roundabout and a little rocking boat.

Hidden in the trees behind the wooden tractor is a wooden kitchen play area, with table, chairs, cooker and sink. The big and small ones all love playing here, picking up grass and twigs and pretending to make a concoction or two.

There’s tons more for the older kids. Their favourite is a six tyre swing frame, I’m not sure if its just me but I always worry they’re going to hit each other on this…are they engineered so the tyres don’t touch?! The kids are determined to test the theory so I’ll be able to feedback on this soon, probably from A&E…There is a brilliant large play frame with various ropes and ladders, a birds nest swing, balance logs and a good zip wire.

This is on top of some good little trees to climb (behind the play frame), a tower made of stacks of stone, which I’m not sure if you’re meant to climb on or not but mine always do and some pull up frames. There’s also a tiny little stone castle (not sure if this is meant to be Beeston Castle?) this being one of those unassuming things you think they wouldn’t bother with but they end up playing in it for ages.

My only gripe with the park is that there aren’t any toilets and you can pretty much guarantee that one of them will need it at some point!!! Just a few minutes walk back on the main street is the cafe Tillys where I can really recommend for a coffee and cake (they also do food, including a kids menu but I haven’t tried it yet so can’t comment) so if you do this you can use their toilets. Also the Yew Tree Inn is a couple of mins away, I have only ever eaten here with adults but the food was excellent.

For snacks, there is a Co-op shop on the right hand side as you come out of the park where we often get an ice cream from. Currently in times of Covid it’s closed but they have a pop up shop in the car park, although strangely this doesn’t sell ice creams despite its location!!

I genuinely think you can’t go wrong bringing the kids to this park. I’ve been here in rain, sun and high winds and never came back disappointed, just cold mind…


August 2020